Industry Affiliates

Industry Affiliates :

The Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP) purpose is: 1) to facilitate its mission and the mission of the CEACS through the direct involvement and support of the Affiliates in its research and education programs; and 2), to increase the Affiliates competitiveness in recruiting its students.

Specifically, the IAP allows a few selected businesses (Affiliates) high quality access to students, faculty and resources of the department.  This relationship provides benefits to the partners as follows.

Benefits to the Affiliates:

  1. Opportunities for Affiliates to interaction with top students  (e.g., in courses, co-op programs, student associations, etc.). 
  2. Assistance to Affiliates in developing and maintaining a ‘corporate presence’ in the Department and throughout the College and University
  3. Assistance in recruiting and hiring top quality students from the Department to meet their employment needs.
  4. Support for their research and other business initiatives.
  5. Create and maintain a knowledge transfer, entrepreneurial focus in areas of interest to the Affiliates.
  6. Recognition in all departmental literature and on the departmental website.

Benefits to the Department:

  1. Permanent and part-time employment for students
  2. Research fellowships and internship opportunities for our students.
  3. Support for research and other initiatives within the department.
  4. Collaboration of research projects
  5. Provide resources and Infrastructure support


$10,000 minimum (Cash or in-kind donations)

IAP Members :

State Farm
Goldman Sachs
Lockheed Martin